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Hello - We are Carla and Fred Bright from Kingston Farm, Bathurst.  You might know us from our restaurant and guest house outside Bathurst. We keep some muscovy ducks, three pet goats and some horses on a smallholding. However, this is not about us:  the igadi market is a community and an idea.


We want to bring together local small scale growers/makers and provide an online sales and delivery platform that is fair and equitable to all partners. We want to use the convenience of  modern technology and sustainable practices to bring good local produce to local consumers, efficiently and safely.


There is also an educational element to the operation. Growers and customers can also learn about: planting systems - water conservation - soil nutrition and permaculture. Basic market economics and notions of supply and demand can also be taught along with the nurturing of a spirit of socially responsible entrepreneurship. Further to this, at a time of crisis, the project could help foster ties between communities and individuals as well as allowing for delivery workers to check in on the well-being of vulnerable people.

We want this to be a sustainable economic model using the best of no dig/till practices. It is hoped that all growers would move to natural fertilisers, using concepts such as companion planting, hügelkultur, three sisters etc. It is hoped that this website can, in time, develop and become a resource portal for the sharing of such ideas.

Food security is a cross-cultural issue. Expertise can be pooled and shared where necessary. Mentorship can be encouraged to increase yield and profitability for all concerned. If food security at a local level can be encouraged, there is more of a chance for civic responsibility across pre-existing cultural boundaries and it is hoped that this can be nurtured into a more cohesive society.

If we can feed ourselves efficiently and sustainably at a local level, there is a far greater chance of building an open and fair society. If successful, we can be part of something really quite important.

Thank you for reading this far and for your curiosity.

Fred and Carla Bright

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